This is my Cellphone, there are many like it but this one is mine! Rifleman's Creed Parity Design Phone Case

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The Rifleman's Creed (also known as My Rifle and The Creed of the United States Marine) is a part of basic United States Marine Corps doctrine. Major General William H. Rupertus wrote it during World War II.

The Cellphoneman's Creed is just a stupid parity that Jason Bobb made up one day in 2019, and it was kinda funny, and kinda true.

This 100% Authentic, Made in the USA Magpul Industries Field Case, Otterbox Symmetry, Urban Armor Gear Plasma Case, or Pelican Adventurer Case, through our proprietary process of UV-Laser Color Printing, created this amazing one-of-a-kind case, printed to order on the case brand YOU CHOOSE special for you! All EGO Tactical bespoke custom cases are Direct UV-Laser print-to-order onto each case you buy with our 7-step proprietary process, designed and manufactured for durability and with great pride in Huntington Beach, California.