EGO Tactical Limited Edition Custom Case Brands
& Phone Models Available for Each Brand

All EGO Tactical Limited Edition Designs are Custom UV-Printed onto your choice of these Case Brands and Case Styles shown below:
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Limited Edition Custom Printed EGO Tactical Cell Phone Cases for Rugged Shield Otterbox Urban Armor Gear Magpul Pelican

Apple iPhone Cases available to Customize by EGO TacticalPixel 3  Pixel 4  Pixel 4a (4g Version) Pixel 4a (5g Version) Pixel 4 XL Pixel 5 Pixel 5a Pixel 6 Pixel 6 Pro Pixel 6a Pixel 7 Pixel 7 Pro cases
V30/V30s/V35 Thin Q V60 ThinQ phone cases
Edge / Edge 5g UW (2021) Edge (2022) Edge Plus (2022) Edge S (2021) G 5g Plus (2021) G 5g (2022) G6 G6 Plus G100 G Fast G Play (2021) G Play 2022 G Power (2021) G Power (2022) G Pure 2021 G Stylus 4g (2021) G Stylus 5g (2021) G Stylus 4g (2022) G Stylus 5g (2022) One 5g (2021) One 5g Ace (2021) One 5g UW (2021) One 5g UW Ace (2021) phone cases
OnePlus Phone Case Models at EGOTactical
Samsung Galaxy Phone Case Models at EGOTactical
Do you have a phone that's not on this list?

We print on any case brand or model we don't carry all the time!
Go to: Special Orders or, don't be afraid to Contact Us directly for confirmation, choices and lead-times.  And, yes you can buy a case off Amazon or eBay and send it to us, and we will happily UV-print on it for you!  

Customers always ask us 4 things:

What brands do you carry?

What models of phones do you carry cases for?
Just scroll up on this page!

What brands of phone cases do you customize?
Rugged Shield, Magpul, Pelican, UAG & Otterbox

What do I do if I have a custom image to upload?
Go To: Custom Phone Case Image Upload

Placing an order is as easy as 1. 2. 3... 
1. Choose one of our 2000+ printable images on it's product description page.
2. To the right of each design (mobile is below), there is a selector for Case Brand, select one of the 5 case brands we stock.
3. Select one of the Phone Models we stock within that name-brand case.