About EGO Tactical & our Hand-Made in the U.S.A. "Limited Edition" Custom Cases

Here at EGO Tactical, we laser print all of our Magpul Industries, Urban Armor Gear, Pelican Products, Otterbox & Rugged Shield brand phone cases custom, an one by one just for your order right here in Huntington Beach, CA,
Yes!, all cases are printed and customized in the U.S.A.!

Inspired by Carroll Shelby, our founder wanted to find a way to take the very best phone cases available in the market, and make them even better right here in the USA!   Like many big ideas before, it started with a "Wouldn't it be cool if" statement...  Seeking to find a solution, and finding a huge hole in the market, EGO Tactical set out to fill that hole with some 'MERICA!  Today, we are the largest, and fastest-growing customizer of high-end rugged cases in North America. Starting with American-Made brands like Magpul, EGO Tactical set out to change the boring solid-colored OD Green and Black landscape.  Today, we have grown our selection of name-brand cases made all over the world, and now you can choose from over 2000 camos, flags, slogans, and iconic American images to be customized by Americans in America because well..."MERICA!

Your EGO is defined as an bold extension of yourself, your personality & what you are proud of!   Like your service for your country, your passions, your community, and your family, we take that feeling of pride and put it into every case we print.  That American pride, and a lot of know-how allows us to laser print each Limited Edition design directly onto each and every name-brand high-quality case just hours after you order it, and ships directly to your home, office or APO/FPO!  We stock the best OEM brand-named cases directly from manufacturers like Magpul, Urban Armor Gear, Pelican Products, Rugged Shield & Otterbox, and each case is put through a 7-Step proprietary UV-laser printing and curing process for durability, quality & protection...just like you provide for others when you're on the job! 

First, an EGO Tactical technician takes each phone case out of it's OEM manufacturer packaging by hand, and thoroughly cleans, preps & disinfects each case before printing, (part of our 7-step printing and curing process), because we know that your cellphone, and the phone case that's going to be on is a representation of who you are, and YOU are looking for a better-than MIL-STD rugged and protective case with a personality just like yours.  Who wants a basic black or clear case after having a case as cool as this!?

EGO Tactical has grown our reputation for outstanding print-quality & workmanship, with our customers since we first began customizing cases back in 2014. Military personnel, hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen, professional athletes, law enforcement, fire department and emergency first-responders regard EGO Tactical as the #1 go-to company for any and all customization of the highest quality brands of protective cell phone cases built to protect the way you do!

Expect the best from us at EGO Tactical, we make every case with pride in Huntington Beach, CA. Any and All Custom designs and special orders are welcomed! Please inquire about our Law Enforcement & Veterans Discounts!

Today, We are the leading customizer of Rugged military style MIL-STD smartphone cases in North America, with over 500,000 cases in-stock, and over 1 million design / case brand / size combinations to choose from!  

Placing an order is as easy as 1. 2. 3... 
1. Choose one of our 2000+ printable images on it's product description page.
2. To the right of each design (mobile is below), there is a selector for Case Brand, select one of the 5 case brands we stock.
3. Select one of the Phone Models we stock within that name-brand case. 

Our Limited Edition Designs are Custom UV-Printed onto your choice of these Case Brands and Case Styles below: 
Limited Edition Custom Printed EGO Tactical Cell Phone Cases for Rugged Shield Otterbox Urban Armor Gear Magpul Pelican

Apple Phone Cases available in Stock at EGO Tactical Custom Phone cases
Google Phone Cases available in Stock at EGO Tactical Custom Phone cases
LG Phone Cases available in Stock at EGO Tactical Custom Phone cases
Motorola Phone Cases available in Stock at EGO Tactical Custom Phone cases
OnePlus Phone Cases available in Stock at EGO Tactical Custom Phone cases
Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases available in Stock at EGO Tactical Custom Phone cases
Do you have a phone that's not on this list?

We print on any case brand or model we don't carry all the time! Go to: Special Orders or, don't be afraid to Contact Us directly for confirmation, choices and lead-times.  And, yes you can buy a case off Amazon or eBay and send it to us, and we will happily UV-print on it for you!  

How do I find out what Phone Model I have?

For Apple iPhones:
Click on the (⚙ Settings) Gear Icon on your phone, tap: Settings > General > About > Model. There your model will be shown.

For Android Phones:  Click on the (⚙ Settings) Gear Icon on your phone, tap: Settings > About Phone. There your model will be shown.  Or, restart your phone, and the model name will be shown on screen during restart.