EGO Tactical does not exchange or refund any custom-made cases or products unless the product itself has a manufacturer's defect, or we accidentally printed the ordered design incorrectly.  At checkout, we make you certify and check the box that you have double-checked your phone model, and you are aware that there are no returns to our custom-made cases.

Ego Tactical Return Policy

From your first visit to EGO to your order's delivery, we want you to be completely satisfied with your experience. All products carry a 90-day "print-quality guarantee" beginning the day your product is shipped from our warehouse, unless otherwise noted.

EGO Tactical custom UV-Laser prints onto each Limited Edition case when it is ordered.  You picked the design, you picked the name-brand case, and the specific phone model case size, it's a one-of a kind, just like you! 

Unfortunately, like a custom tailored suit bespoke just for you, we stock no pre-made printed cases, we make everything custom to your specifications when you order, so we are unable to take a return for full refund if you miss-order the incorrect sized case, as we have no way to re-sell your custom combination of design/brand/case size that you specifically requested. 

The design/brand/size combinations that we offer are in the millions, and finding another customer for that exact design/brand/size combination could be impossible.

We do offer the discount code "10offego" for those customers who ordered the wrong case size for their phone and need to place a new order for the correct item.