The Culpeper Minutemen Flag, Don't Tread on Me, Liberty or Death Phone Case

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This 100% Authentic, Made in the USA Magpul Industries Field Case, Otterbox Symmetry, Urban Armor Gear Plasma Case, or Pelican Adventurer Case, through our proprietary process of UV-Laser Color Printing, created this amazing one-of-a-kind case, printed to order on the case brand YOU CHOOSE special for you! All EGO Tactical bespoke custom cases are Direct UV-Laser print-to-order onto each case you buy with our 7-step proprietary process, designed and manufactured for durability and with great pride in Huntington Beach, California.

The Culpeper Minutemen was a militia group formed in 1775 in the district around Culpeper, Virginia. Like minutemen in other British colonies, the men drilled in military tactics and trained to respond to emergencies "at a minute's notice".

The Culpeper Minutemen were organized on July 17, 1775 in the district created by the Third Virginia Convention consisting of the counties of Orange, Fauquier and Culpeper. Recruitment began in September 1775 with four companies of 50 men from Fauquier and Culpeper counties each and two companies of 50 men from Orange County. The District Committee of Safety determined that the militia was to meet under a large oak tree in "Clayton's old field" on the Catalpa estate near today's Yowell Meadow Park in Culpeper, Virginia.

These EGO Tactical Limited Edition Heavy-Duty Mil-Std cases for sale are Authentic Magpul Industries Corp., Urban Armor Gear Inc., Pelican Products Corp., Otterbox Corp. products that are modified after purchase by EGO International, Inc. (Ego Tactical). These Rugged and protective cases are not covered by any warranties offered by Magpul Industries Corp., Urban Armor Gear Inc., Pelican Products Corp. or Otterbox Corp.  EGO International, Inc. has no ownership relationship or affiliation with, Magpul Industries Corp., Urban Armor Gear Inc., Pelican Products Corp. or Otterbox Corp.