Evutec Karbon Osprey S or Kozane SP Series Kevlar Case for Apple iPhone (SE Ver. 1 from 2016), iPhone 5, 5s - in Black or Red Carbon Kevlar Retail Packaging

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The Carbon S Series is our super-slim, protective snap case. Visibly lined with official Kevlar, a woven material that is 5x stronger than steel at the same weight, the Carbon S Series provides incredible strength and resiliency in a lightweight design. We then packed all that protection in a profile that's just 0.7mm thin, meaning you won't add unnecessary bulk to your device. Plus, each Carbon S Series case is treated and polished with our specially formulated, five-layer Evutouch Coating for exceptionally easy-to-grip, scratch-resistant protection. Finally, since we designed our Carbon S Series cases without any metal substances or components, you'll never have to worry about interference with your wireless signals.

The Carbon Kozane SP Series Case is a sleek 2 piece shockproof snap case specially made to fit the iPhone 5/5s. The 0.7mm thin outer shell contains Kevlar fibers and combines with a 1.3mm thin inner TPU layer for 2mm of thinness. The Kevlar fibers make it 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight and will not block your GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular signal. Each case is sprayed and polished five times with our specially formulated Evutouch Coating to help protect against scratching.